• Yutron, established in Taiwan in 1990, has been the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) of a Japanese corporation for around thirty years. Therefore, Yutron has been very familiar with the differences between the Japanese and Chinese cultures and can convey to factories what customers exactly need and satisfy their requirements. Besides, if customers want to sell OEM products overseas, Yutron can also be their overseas agents and offer service.

    ●Make Original Products
    ●OEM/ODM Production Service
    ●Mechanism Production
    ●Elec. Circuit
    ●Tooling Making
    ●Final Products
    ●Distribution Sales in Asia

Advantages of Yutron

Yutron, well-experienced in KNOW-HOW, can support customers in the following ways, whether they have unsuccessful experiences of manufacturing in China or want to initiate OEM / ODM business:

● Unique Creations
Yutron can seek qualified factories and offer technical support.

● Quality Goods
Besides the regular product examination system in China, Yutron also has its own quality control to ensure the high quality of goods.

● The Qualified Bridge between Customers and Factories
The employees in Yutron can speak Japanese and convey what customers precisely need to their factories.

● Experienced Japanese Translators / Interpreters
For customers who want to initiate business in China, Yutron offers qualified Japanese interpreters in discussion meetings or translators by email or phone with factories.

● Goods Import Affairs
Yutron can assist customers to deal with affairs of customs, tax, etc.