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Retro Freak 11 in 1
  • NEWCOMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 very fisrt product demonstration.

    At COMPUTEX TAIPEI (COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015), retro freak were exhibited and demostrated in Taiwan.

    COMPUTEX TAIPEI retro freakCOMPUTEX TAIPEI retro freak2

  • The smallest game console

    The smallest game console that you can find! You are able to play all kind of video game cartridges included cartridge adapter.

    Smallest game console

  • Support up to 11 cartridge game system

    Retro freak is available for 11 types of game machine cartridge by connecting the cartridge adapter supplied.

    Support 11 types game cartridge

  • Install function

    One of Retro Freak's best features is the install function which allows you to install and backup your favorite, valuable games. Once a game has been installed, you will subsequently be able to play the game without plug in or un-plug the cartridge each time when you play.

    System user interface language: Japanese and English (default select option).

    install an attached cartridge→Play game from save data with connecting cartridge

    ※For the install function, a seaparate microSD card is required.
    ※You may only install cartridges that you own.
    ※The installed games are playable only with the Retro Freak console originally used for installation.

  • Best controller for retro games

    Retro Freak come with a wired game controller for retro game. The controller designed with dedicated button suitable for retro game types.

    designed for retro games

  • Compatible USB controller

    Compatible with all kind of USB port game controllers. It also compatible with PS3 and PS4 USB controllers.

    USB controller comaptible

  • NEWCustomize controller button functions

    Retro Freak customizes the button functions for game and system. Player can now configure every single button for customized setting; you can even configure the Rapid fire speed. Now it is time to enjoy your favor game.

    Customize controller button functionsconfigure rapid fire speed

  • It can be used with original game controller

    By using the controller adapter (sold separately), you can use the original controller and peripheral devices of various game machine that can connect to the following connectors with retro freak.

    It can be used with original game controller

    1. Family computer expand connector
    2. Family computer AV controller connector port
    3. Super family computer controller connector port
    4. Mega drive controller connector port
    5. PC Engine controller connector port

    ※some of controller and accessories are not compatible.

  • A wide range of output settings

    Retro freak can enhance video output quality for resize screen ratio. It can also use variety of filter to present a perfect image color. Player can customize screen to favor ratio (16:9, 4:3 etc.,) and audio equalizer allows you to adjust stereo bass and high frequency.

    display outputupper:No video filter/Down: with video filter

  • Integrate code freak featured for all models

    Code freak can be use on NES, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and PC Engine games. That you can use the code freak function to change the game status to invincible and level MAX.

    code freak features→choose code freak mood

    ※If you are using a code freak function, you need a PC that can be access to internet and a microSD card./p> (2015.03.20)

  • Save game when cartridge battery is dead.

    Even the cartridge battery is dead that player can still be able to save the game on Retro Freak, and play the game.

    Save game even when cartridge battery is dead!

  • Save game at anywhere

    Retro Freak Save-anywhere option allows you to save game even if the cartridge doesn’t support save function. You can play game from game save point or before.

    save-anywhere option

  • Save data can be swap

    Cartridge save data can be swap to Retro Freak, or you can move Retro Freak save data to cartridge.

    Cartridge save data can be swap to Retro Freak, or you can move Retro Freak save data to cartridge!

  • Support 11 different retro game

    Retro freak is a "retro game compatible machine" that can be played by connecting the following 11 types of game cartridge.※1

    Support 11 different retro game

    1. Family Computer
    2. Super Famicom
    3. Super Nintendo Entertainment System(NTSC/PAL)
    4. Game Boy
    5. Game Boy Color
    6. Game Boy Advance
    7. Megadrive (NTSC/PAL)※2
    8. GENESIS(North American version)
    9. PC Engine
    10. TurboGrafx-16(Overseas edition)
    11. PC Engine Super Grafx

    ※1. Not support some cartridge.
    ※2. Sega Mark III support only with Mega adaptor.

  • HDMI high-quality video and audio output

    Retro Freak is connecting TV with HDMI cable instant upgrade to 729P image quality. You will be able to play high-quality video and audio game as compared with other retro game.

    Better video and Audio with HDMI


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This product is the original product of cyber gadgets, not the company's licensed products.
This product is still under development, specifications might be modified